A Cuban-American wanted for allegedly taking part in the largest heist of medicines in U.S. history was arrested in the Mexican Caribbean resort city of Cancun and handed over to U.S. authorities, officials said Thursday.

Ernesto Simeon was arrested by state police Wednesday at the request of the FBI in Cancun, where he lived with his girlfriend, the Quintana Roo state Attorney General's Office said.

Simeon, suspected of belonging to a gang that robbed businesses, was arrested during "Operation Southern Hospitality," which led to the arrests last week of other members of the gang in Miami, the AG's office said.

The gang "is blamed for the biggest robbery of medicines in the history of the United States, which were sold at pharmacies and on the black market in Miami," the AG's office said.

Simeon is accused of taking part in robberies of medicines, liquor, cigarettes and cell phones worth more than $100 million in recent years in Miami, the AG's office said.

He is a subject "in an investigation of vehicles stolen from tourists" in the Florida city, the AG's office said.

Simeon was handed over to U.S. authorities on Wednesday night and will be taken to Miami, where he faces trial, the AG's office said. EFE