A helicopter carrying 14 people - two crewmen and 12 tourists - disappeared in the jungle region of Madre de Dios while flying to the southern Peruvian region of Cuzco, the National Police told Efe on Thursday.

The aircraft was scheduled to arrive on Wednesday around 5:00 p.m. in Marcapata, a town in Cuzco, but it is not known what happened to it.

Officials suspect that the helicopter experienced an emergency and a special police patrol made up of officers with mountain rescue experience was sent out Thursday, the National Police said.

"The search continues, but we have no reports as of now," a police spokesman in Quispicanchi province, where the search operation is being coordinated, told Efe.

Media reports say the tourists are Koreans who visited the jungle region of Madre de Dios, but the police spokesman said he could not confirm that information. EFE