Army troops found a FARC cemetery containing numerous graves in the southern province of Caqueta, Colombian armed forces commander Gen. Alejandro Navas said.

The graves are those of guerrillas who were shot, soldiers and civilians, the general said.

The cemetery, where Attorney General's Office specialists are conducting a dig, was found in the hamlet of Cartagena del Chaira.

The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, has a large presence in Caqueta.

"Troops found graves in Caqueta province, near the Caguan River," Navas told reporters during a military ceremony Tuesday in Bogota.

"Initial reports are that they are numerous, more than 100, we believe they are murdered 'narcoterrorists,' shot by firing squad, and even civilians," the general said.

The graves "may also contain many disappeared (people) and FARC guerrillas, since it is one of their cemeteries. But also soldiers and kidnapping victims, from whom there was no news," Navas said.

Five mass graves containing eight bodies have been dug up so far, AG's office Technical Investigations Unit, or CTI, director Maritza Escobar Baquero said.

The CTI sent 12 specialists to search for more graves, a hard task because "they are located in places that are difficult to reach," Escobar Baquero said. EFE