Eight FARC rebels were killed and three others wounded in an airstrike on their camp in the northwestern province of Antioquia, the Colombian air force said Wednesday.

Intelligence from the army and navy aided the attack on the rebel camp, located on the banks of the San Francisco River near the town of Nechi.

The outpost belonged to the 37th Front of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, the air force said in a statement.

The military is trying to confirm whether the front's commander, Luis Enrique Benitez Cañola, was among those killed in the airstrike, the statement said.

The FARC has battled a succession of Colombian governments since the mid-1960s. Thought to number nearly 20,000 fighters a decade ago, the Andean nation's largest insurgency has an estimated troop strength today of around 8,000. EFE