A person has been arrested in connection with the April murder of Gen. Mario Arturo Acosta Chaparro in the Mexican capital, the Federal District Attorney's Office said Monday.

"There's a person under 'arraigo' (preventative detention)," Federal District Attorney Jesus Rodriguez Almeida said without indicating the date on which the individual was detained.

Authorities are "investigating whether (the suspect) has anything to do with the homicide," which occurred on April 20 at an auto-repair shop in the Mexico City borough of Miguel Hidalgo, Rodriguez Almeida said.

The suspect was identified on the basis of a police sketch prepared with the help of eyewitnesses and prosecutors are trying to "corroborate his probable involvement in the event," Rodriguez Almeida said.

Several local media have identified the suspect as Jonathan Javier Arechiga.

Acosta Chaparro was shot several times at close range by a gunman, who was then sped away from the crime scene by an accomplice on motorcycle.

In May 2010, the retired general survived a gunshot attack apparently stemming from an attempted robbery.

Acosta Chaparro and the late Gen. Francisco Quiros Hermosillo were arrested in August 2000 on charges they provided protection for the Juarez drug cartel for years.

The two officers were tried, convicted and stripped of their ranks by a military court in November 2002 and served their sentences at Mexico City's Military Camp No. 1.

Acosta Chaparro, however, was released on June 29, 2007, after a federal court threw out his conviction, citing lack of evidence linking him to drug traffickers.

The ruling allowed him to regain his rank of general.

Acosta Chaparro also was tried in connection with the massacre of 22 peasants during Mexico's "dirty war" against leftists in the 1970s, but he was acquitted in February 2006. EFE