A suspected member of Mexico's Tijuana drug cartel was arrested and police seized $90,000 in cash from him, Baja California state officials said.

Otoniel Sosa Cardenas was arrested in Francisco Villa, a neighborhood in the border city of Tijuana, the Baja California Public Safety Secretariat said in a statement.

Sosa Cardenas told investigators that the money came from drug sales and belonged to the Tijuana cartel.

Fernando Sanchez Arellano, known as "El Ingeniero" (The Engineer), is the leader of the Tijuana drug cartel.

Sosa Cardenas, who lived in Los Angeles, told police that the cash came from drug sales in Southern California.

The suspect unsuccessfully tried to bribe the state police officers who arrested him, offering them $50,000 to release him, the secretariat said.

Sosa Cardenas was arrested as a result of "intelligence work" done by the state police, the Baja California Public Safety Secretariat said.

The 47-year-old Sosa Cardenas told police he is a legal U.S. resident, the secretariat said.

The Tijuana cartel, one of Mexico's oldest criminal organizations, was founded by Fernando Sanchez Arellano's uncles, the Arellano Felix brothers.

Sanchez Arellano's mother, Enedina Arellano Felix, is considered the cartel's financial brains.

The Tijuana cartel, once one of Mexico's most powerful criminal organizations, has been weakened dramatically in recent years by the arrests of some of its top leaders. EFE