Mexico received $392 million, of which $350 million are a loan from the World Bank and $42 million are from the Forest Investment Program, or FIP, for developing woodlands, officials said.

The Environment and Natural Resources Secretariat said Thursday that the funds will be channeled through the National Forestry Commission, or Conafor, to finance over the next few years a variety of forestry projects aimed at fighting climate change.

The $42 million granted by the FIP are a combined loan plus donation from that organization, which numbers Australia, Denmark, Japan, Norway, Spain, Britain and the United States among its members, Environment and Natural Resources Secretary Juan Rafael Elvira Quesada said.

The director of Conafor, Juan Manuel Torres Rojo, said that with these funds the Woodland and Climate Change Project will aid peasant communities that participate as volunteers in forestry activities.

The program also includes payment for environmental services, land-use planning, sustainable protection and management, as well as the processing and marketing of timber and non-timber assets.

He added that the project is expected to benefit more than 4,000 communities nationwide. EFE