Six members of a Mexican television camera crew who filmed children inside an elementary school without authorization were freed after being held by townspeople for more than 18 hours, officials told Efe.

A spokesperson with Mexico state's Attorney General's Office said some 250 residents of the central town of Xaltocan detained the reporters inside a classroom at the same school and apparently were planning to lynch them.

The journalists, who said they worked for popular TV host Laura Bozzo, were detained after filming some children inside the town's elementary school "without identification and without permission," the spokesperson said.

Police had to "negotiate" the release of the crew, who work as freelancers for the program "Laura en America" - a talk show aired by Mexican broadcast giant Televisa - and were not carrying credentials, the spokesperson said.

The state AG's office added that the residents freed the camera crew Tuesday afternoon after a Televisa producer identified them as members of the broadcaster's team of reporters. EFE