The city of Aurora has joined several municipalities in the Chicago area who are appealing to the civil courts to try and limit the activities of gangs like the Latin Kings.

Kane County State's Attorney Joe McMahon said Wednesday that his office filed a civil suit against 35 suspected members of the gang to get the courts to prohibit them from openly associating with other gang members.

The accused, with criminal records or declared members of the Latin Kings, began receiving summons last week to appear in court in July and respond legally to the suit.

According to the court document, the prosecutor's office is asking the judge for injunctions prohibiting the known gang members from going out in public, on foot, seated, walking, driving or at parties.

Those who violate the judicial order can be declared in contempt of court or be fined, and they could also be forced to reimburse the city for any damage caused.

McMahon said at a press conference that authorities have the responsibility to take the necessary legal measures to protect the safety of the community.

In the same county, authorities in the city of Joliet in 2010 charged 81 alleged gang members and managed to reduce criminal activity.

In Cook County, where Chicago is located, a pilot plan was launched in the city of Cicero and prosecutors of other Illinois counties like Boone and McHenry also are using the civil courts to attack the gangs.

In Chicago, the gangs are accused of being responsible every time one of their members commits a murder or other type of violence, and in some cases they are persecuted as mafia organizations.

The Chicago Crime Commission's "Gang Book" lists the Latin Kings, Maniac Latin Disciples, Gangster Disciples, Sureño 13 and Vice Lords as the city's most dangerous gangs.

Chicago and its environs have the largest gang population - approximately 100,000 members - in the United States, according to the book. 

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