Spanish oil company Repsol's CEO, Antonio Brufau, said Tuesday that "the reasonable thing" is not to undertake any more activities in Cuba after the first well drilled in deep ocean waters near the island came up "dry."

At the press conference to present the company's petroleum exploitation strategy through 2016, Brufau acknowledged that after this first drilling attempt the safest thing is simply not to continue.

Repsol said on May 18 that it had not met with success on the first oil well - known as Scarabeo-9 - drilled in deep Cuban waters and that, in fact, the well had produced no oil at all.

After this failure, Repsol began operations to seal the well.

At the end of January, an oil platform hired by Repsol to drill in very deep waters of the island's 112,000-square-kilometer (43,050 sq. mi.) Exclusive Economic Zone in the Gulf of Mexico arrived in Cuba.

The zone is divided into 59 blocs or tracts, of which 22 have been assigned to several foreign oil companies, including Repsol, Venezuela's PDVSA and PetroVietnam. EFE