Four people were shot to death Tuesday by unidentified gunmen in Cuernavaca, capital of the central Mexican state of Morelos, officials said.

At the site of the incident, police found two children, ages 3 and 4 and belonging to a murdered couple, alive and they were turned over to Morelos authorities and will be placed in the care of family support services.

The state Attorney General's Office said in a communique that on Tuesday morning several people entered a home located on Rio Tenango St. in the Rancho Tetela neighborhood and shot four people, "three men and a woman ... (who) were killed."

The AG's office said that the couple's neighbors heard strange noises and "several detonations" in the home and called police.

The officers dispatched to the home found the two children alive. Of the four bodies found at the scene, two belonged to the couple, another was identified as that of Rene Morales Alarcon and the fourth was that of private security guard Reynaldo Dominguez Sotelo.

Regarding the couple, only the man has been fully identified as Felipe de Jesus Lugo Lagunas.

Each of the dead bore "several" gunshot wounds, the state AG's office added.

The case is being investigated by Morelos authorities, who have requested help from both the federal government and the Guerrero state Attorney General's Office.

Morelos, which is adjacent to the Mexican capital, has suffered at the hands of organized crime in recent months, which led the government on May 9 to bolster the presence of the military and federal police in the region's most violent municipalities. EFE