A person was killed when they drove over an anti-tank mine in a remote area along the border between Chile and Peru, the Chilean army said.

The identity and nationality of the victim, who was driving a vehicle belonging to a Peruvian taxi company, have not been released.

The vehicle triggered the anti-tank mine around 9:00 p.m. Friday on a dirt road between markers 13 and 14 near the Chacalluta border crossing in Arica and Parinacota region, located some 2,100 kilometers (1,304 miles) north of Santiago.

Army landmine specialists opened a safe path Saturday so police investigators and prosecutors could reach the vehicle and move the wreckage to a secure area.

Thousands of anti-personnel and anti-tank mines were planted in the 1970s by Chile's military regime along the borders with Argentina, Peru and Bolivia.

The government said recently that about 50,000 anti-personnel and anti-tank mines had been destroyed since 2002, accounting for less than one-third of the 181,814 landmines planted. EFE