A 21-year-old man was fatally shot in a fight between rival groups of fans in Argentina, officials said.

Daniel Sosa died in the hospital after being shot on Saturday.

The violence occurred as Argentina held the 16th day of the Clausura tournament, the significant play of which was the goal scored by Colombian Giovanni Moreno to secure Racing's win over Belgrano.

Sosa was shot in an exchange of gunfire between groups of fans of the local team before the match played between Lanus and All Boys.

There were nine arrests made and five people injured, one of them listed in serious condition at Evita Hospital.

Sosa became the 263rd victim either directly or indirectly linked with the violence that occurs every weekend surrounding Argentine soccer.

So far in 2012, he is the fourth fatality, after the deaths of Agustin Rodriguez and Aldo Barralda - during a clash near the Mataderos club on Jan. 18 - and Sergio Victor Fernandez, a fan of Newell's who was killed on May 14. EFE