A woman was killed and nearly 450,000 other people were left without power by a storm that hit central and southern Chile, the national emergency management office said.

The storm caused flooding and toppled trees in the Valparaiso, Metropolitana, O'Higgins, Maule, BioBio and Araucania regions.

A woman died in Las Cabras, a city about 154 kilometers (95 miles) south of Santiago, when a tree fell on her house on Saturday.

Two children in the house were injured, the El Mercurio newspaper reported on its Web site.

The storm left some 450,000 people without electricity, with the most affected regions being BioBio, where more than 200,000 residents are without power, and Araucania, where 123,500 people lost electric service.

Damage to houses, mainly leaks and roof problems, were reported by 336 people in BioBio.

The weather service said the heavy rains would continue in central and southern Chile on Sunday. EFE