A suspected FARC guerrilla has been arrested in the southern section of Bogota in connection with the bombing last week targeting former Colombian Interior Minister Fernando Londoño that killed his driver and a bodyguard, officials said.

Andres Felipe Rios Giraldo, who allegedly belongs to the Antonio Nariño Urban Network, or RUAN, of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, appeared before a judge on Wednesday, media reports said.

Police found bomb-making materials and FARC propaganda at Rios Giraldo's residence in Bogota's El Paraiso neighborhood.

Rios Giraldo is the first person arrested for the May 15 bombing, which occurred a few blocks from the financial district in Bogota.

President Juan Manuel Santos has said on several occasions that it was not clear who carried out the bombing.

Londoño, for his part, said in a press conference Wednesday that FARC rebels staged the attack with a limpet bomb.

The bomb was meant to kill Londoño, who served as interior minister from 2002 to 2004 in the administration of Alvaro Uribe.

Londoño called on Santos to show the leadership expected of him as president in the war against the rebels or Colombia "will have to find another one."

Thirty-nine people were wounded in the bombing, which destroyed a bus and several other vehicles, and damaged nearby buildings and businesses.

Londoño's vehicle was going through a busy intersection in the northern section of Bogota, near the financial district, when the bomb exploded.

The FARC, Colombia's oldest and largest leftist guerrilla group, is on both the U.S. and EU lists of terrorist groups. EFE