Spanish mountaineer Juan Jose Polo Carbayo died on the weekend as he was descending the Chinese slope of Mt. Everest after reaching the summit of the world's tallest mountain, the Nepalese agency responsible for the climbing expedition told Efe on Wednesday.

"The most probable cause of his death was exhaustion," said an official with Himalayan Guides, Hari Parjauli, who added that the 43-year-old Carbayo died on Saturday after breaking away from the group with which he had reached the summit.

"Carbayo was going in a group of four, each one with their sherpa, and the Spaniard was falling behind," said Parjauli.

"The sherpa assured us that he only left him when he noticed that he was already dead," said the company official.

He said that according to the sherpa's testimony, the Spaniard died at a spot above 8,000 meters (26,000 feet) in altitude.

According to experts, many people prefer to ascend and descend Everest on the mountain's Tibetan slope because the expedition is less expensive despite the fact that, among other advantages, acclimatization to the altitude is easier on the Nepalese slope.

Last weekend was one of the deadliest in recent years on Everest.

Carbayo is the fifth mountaineer who is known to have died on Saturday or Sunday on Everest, after Nepalese authorities on Tuesday raised to four the number of climbers who died there on the weekend.

Carbayo's body will remain forever at about 8,300 meters (26,975 feet) on Everest's Chinese slope along with those of about 200 other mountaineers who have died there over the years, his family decided, officials with the Spanish consulate in Beijing told Efe on Wednesday.

The family of the Barcelona-born climber decided to let his body remain on the mountain, since recovering bodies from there is extremely difficult and hazardous and requires a team of about 10 people. EFE