Some 300 people were rescued Tuesday from a burning building in the Mexican capital's upscale Santa Fe neighborhood, officials said.

The municipal emergency services chief, Elias Miguel Moreno Brizuela, said that during the blaze at least 300 people inside the 10-story building suffered moments of fright and panic attacks.

He said that people from his department cordoned off the area to avoid any further mishaps and evacuated everyone in the building.

The fire sparked an immediate deployment of police, firefighters and paramedics.

Also aiding in the operation were three helicopters that rescued seven people who sought refuge on the roof to escape the flames and dense smoke.

Moreno Brizuela said the blaze was apparently caused by a short circuit in the building's basement.

For his part, Mexico City's public safety secretary, Manuel Mondragon, told the press that the fire was "now under control," though he added that "work is still being done inside the building to dispel the smoke and keep the wind from reactivating the flames."

According to official reports, a woman suffered third-degree burns in the fire and was taken to a nearby hospital, while another 16 were overcome by smoke inhalation and 16 more were treated for panic attacks. Three cars were totally consumed by the flames. EFE