A section of a historic house in downtown Rio de Janeiro collapsed Tuesday for unknown reasons, but no one was injured because the structure was empty, Brazilian emergency services officials said.

The roof and part of the walls on the second floor of the two-story residence collapsed around 8:00 a.m., when no pedestrians were passing by.

The incident brought back memories of the collapse of three buildings in downtown Rio de Janeiro in January that killed 17 people and injured five others.

The house affected by Tuesday's collapse is in the Bohemian Lapa neighborhood, just a few meters from the Rio de Janeiro Cathedral and the headquarters of oil company Petrobras.

The building belongs to Cordao de Bola Preta, Rio de Janeiro's oldest and most traditional Carnival group.

The Carnival group moved out of the house a few weeks ago because the building was scheduled to undergo renovations due to its poor condition.

The building's collapse forced police to close off two streets in downtown Rio de Janeiro because rubble had fallen in the thoroughfares.