An 8-year-old boy died over the weekend when he was swept away by the current of a rain-swollen stream in the northern Dominican Republic, emergency services officials said.

William Wilson Ramos's body was recovered early Sunday in the northern province of Santiago.

The boy disappeared while playing in the rain with some other children in the Pastor section of Buena Vista, neighbors told Dominican media.

At least 600 dwellings have been affected by the torrential rains in Santiago province, the head of the emergency management office in the northern region, Francisco Arias, said.

The rains caused the most extensive damage in the Hoyos de Puchula, Bartola, Julia and La Javilla sections of Santiago, while El Arenazo, El Batey and Los Perros were the communities most affected by the downpours in the city of Tamboril, Arias said.

The Arenquillo River overflowed its banks in Villa Gonzalez, another city in Santiago, causing damage in the communities of La Javilla and Banegas, where dozens of houses were flooded, Arias said.

The Botoncillo bridge in Licey al Medio collapsed due to rising river waters, the emergency management official said.

Shelters have not been set up because the rains were intermittent, allowing residents to clean up dwellings and remain in them, Arias said.