A 46-year-old woman who took a baby from the maternity ward at a Santiago hospital on Mother's Day was arrested Monday, Chilean authorities said.

Lupe Carbonell, a Peruvian national who obtained legal resident in Chile five years ago, was detained at her home in the capital's Quinta Normal neighborhood.

The story of the missing baby was all over the media and some of Carbonell's neighbors called police after spotting her with a newborn.

Security cameras at San Borja Arriaran Hospital filmed Carbonell, disguised as a nurse, walking toward the exit Sunday afternoon with a baby in her arms.

The infant, Constanza, was returned to her mother safe and sound, hospital officials said.

Police said Carbonell suffers from psychological problems.

"I wanted to be a mama again," she told authorities, explaining that the combination of seeing her daughter's happiness after the birth last month of Carbonell's grandson and the Mother's Day holiday drove her to take Constanza from the maternity ward.

Nearly 100 police took part in the search for the infant.

Carbonell became familiar with the layout of San Borja Arriaran when her daughter gave birth at the hospital last month.

Prosecutor said Carbonell could face up to five years in prison if convicted, though the court may be lenient in light of her psychological issues.