For Rashel Diaz, host of the Telemundo morning program "Levantate" (Get Up), reporting on the "ins and outs of fashion" among the stars who strut the red carpet at the beginning of any event is a tremendous professional challenge.

And though it looks easy from the outside - it seems no more than commenting on what's either dazzling or downright dreadful of what the celebs are wearing - the job entails not only exquisite taste and fashion expertise, but also being able to give viewers your critique live without rehearsals, because nobody knows beforehand what will come tripping down that carpet.

"I know every star tries to look her best, but what I value is a balance of elegance, fashion and a very personal style," Diaz told Efe.

According to Rashel, she acquired her fashion sense from the designers with whom she has been cozy all her career, and from her own interest in keeping up with the latest. Even so, she said that the worst and commonest error a star commits is to don fashion's dernier cri without considering how it suits her particular body.

Of all the stars she has observed on the red carpet, who is her favorite?

"Jennifer Lopez, definitely. I love her, I admire her, and she thrills me with the way she dresses. I believe she thinks about every detail she wears and always looks like her outfit was made for the occasion," Diaz said.