It was diplomats gone wild in Colombia Saturday night, as Hillary Clinton partied like it was spring break, knocking back a beer and tearing up the dance floor to Cuban music at a local club.

Clinton's night out, photographed here, came several days after 11 Secret Service agents were summoned back to Washington from Colombia and put on administrative leave after being caught in an embarrassing hooker scandal.

The secretary of state was photographed blowing off steam with a small group of bodyguards and about 12 pals at Cafe Havana in the seaside resort town Cartagena to toast the end of the Summit of the Americas, which closes Sunday.

Arriving at the club just after midnight, the former first lady and her entourage took over its last remaining table. Clinton eschewed a glass and sucked down her Aguila cerveza straight from the bottle.

In all, the group ordered a dozen beers, two glasses of whiskey and bottles of water.

Smiling broadly, Clinton even got up and danced the rumba as the 11-musician band played a series of Cuban rhythms, according to local reports of the party.

The morning after her night out, Clinton was seen smiling while sporting large sunglasses (Photo Above) at the airport in Cartagena, Colombia to head to Brasilia, Brazil on Sunday.

Clinton's choice of a Cuban-themed club raised some eyebrows, as the US's decades-old isolation of Cuba was a sticking point of the summit talks. Several US allies, including Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, lashed out at the continued embargo and insisted that the Communist country be invited to the next regional summit.

Clinton has some Secret Service agents that travel with her, but the majority of her protective detail is handled by the State Department.

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