A kidnapping victim killed two of his captors and a pair of other people he encountered while making his escape in this Mexican border metropolis before he was finally gunned down by police, authorities said.

According to the Baja California state Attorney General's Office, the man had been abducted and taken to a safe house in the upscale Tijuana neighborhood of Lomas Conjunto Residencial.

The unidentified kidnap victim somehow managed to grab hold of an AK-47 assault rifle despite being handcuffed and kill two of his captors, whose bodies were later found by police at the house.

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After leaving the safe house, the half-naked, handcuffed and armed man found an SUV a short distance away and eventually made off with the vehicle after killing a retired Mexican army officer and an ex-police who were guarding it.

According to authorities, he then encountered a group of municipal police while trying to drive away and fired at them, touching off a clash in which he was finally shot and killed.

In a press conference, a spokesperson for the state AG's office said the vehicle had been struck by several bullets and the man - said to be around 36 - was found handcuffed and holding the assault rifle.

The bodies of two people were discovered in the safe house along with a handgun and another AK-47, 43 packets of marijuana, tactical gear, a marijuana press and a scale.

Upon further investigation, authorities found blood-stained clothing in a washroom and other evidence that that area of the house had been used to torture people.

No explanation has been given as to why the man attacked the police, but some versions indicate the alleged kidnap victim was a gang member who was to be swapped for other criminals held by some rival group.

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Mexico has been plagued for years by a wave of violence unleashed by organized crime groups involved in kidnappings and drug, arms and people trafficking.

An average of 49 kidnappings per day occurred in Mexico in 2011, marking a significant increase from the prior year, the Council for Law and Human Rights, or CLDH, said in a recent report.

A total of 17,889 kidnappings occurred in Mexico last year, up 32 percent from the 13,505 abductions registered in 2010, the non-governmental organization said.

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