Attorneys from the U.S. Justice Department and the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office agreed here to negotiate changes to the MCSO practices that led Washington to accuse Sheriff Joe Arpaio of abusing the civil rights of Arizona Hispanics.

The announcement was made at the close of an initial meeting Monday in Phoenix, where participants discussed the Justice Department report released in December that said authorities had found indications of racial profiling against Hispanic drivers on the part of Arpaio's office.

Both parties committed to further discussions aimed at producing by April 14 a document that resolves the Justice Department's allegations.

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The sheriff has categorically denied the accusations arguing that they are politically motivated.

Although he said he questions the results of the investigation, Arpaio is ready to cooperate with the federal government to avoid a court battle.

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After the Justice Department released the results of its investigation, several national and local groups joined together to call for the controversial sheriff's resignation.

Meanwhile, Arpaio said that he was not thinking about leaving his post and that that decision will be made by voters in November as he seeks a sixth term.

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