The Brazilian government on Wednesday granted a tourist visa to Cuban dissident blogger Yoani Sánchez to visit the country and attend the screening of a documentary, the Foreign Ministry announced.

Sánchez requested the visa at the Brazilian Embassy in Havana and sent a letter to Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff in which she asked her to intercede on her behalf with the Cuban government to secure permission for her to leave the communist island, according to a communique from the Foreign Ministry.

Rousseff is scheduled to make her first official visit to Cuba on Jan. 31.

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Sánchez, who is well-known for her blog "Generacion Y" received an invitation from moviemaker Cláudio Galvão da Silva to attend the screening of his documentary entitled "Conexion Cuba-Honduras," which deals with the repression and freedom of expression on the Caribbean island and during the coup d'etat that deposed Honduran President Manuel Zelaya in 2009.

The presentation of the documentary is scheduled for Feb. 10 in Jequie, a city of 170,000 in the northeastern state of Bahia 360 kilometers (223 miles) from Salvador, the state capital.

The filmmaker, known as Dado Galvão, told Efe that the screening of the documentary had been postponed twice to try and ensure that Sanchez, who is one of the figures portrayed in the film, would be able to attend.

The other key figure in the documentary is Honduran journalist Esdras Amado López, the head of Canal 36 de Honduras, which was shut down during the coup and who also will attend the film's showing, Galvao said.

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"The Brazilian government's gesture is optimistic and shows a certain goodwill on the part of Brazilian diplomacy, which has relaxed some requirements to grant the visa," the film director told Efe.

Galvao said that he had spoken with Sanchez and is "preparing everything" and hoping for a "positive response" regarding the Rousseff's possible intercession with her Cuban counterpart, Raúl Castro.

The trip and the hosting of Sánchez in Jequie would be handled by three local firms who are financing the screening of the film, the director said.

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