A Mexican immigrant who had legal permanent residence in the United States died in Nevada while under the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, ICE said.

Miguel Sarabia-Ortega was arrested Tuesday in Las Vegas on suspicion of possession of methamphetamine pipes.

Municipal police contacted ICE after a background check revealed that the agency was looking for Sarabia-Ortega.

Once at the ICE office in Las Vegas, the 36-year-old became agitated and began shouting for his handcuffs to be removed. Hours later, the personnel transporting Sarabia-Ortega to an overnight detention facility noticed he was unconscious and took him to Desert Springs Hospital.

Sarabia-Ortega died shortly after his arrival at the hospital.

The relevant Nevada state agencies and the Mexican Consulate were notified of Sarabia-Ortega's death, ICE said in a statement.

The incident comes less than three months after the Oct. 25 death of 54-year-old Pablo Gracida Conte at an ICE detention center in Arizona.

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