Five members of a family that ran a cell of an international people trafficking ring that specialized in smuggling Indians into the United States have been arrested and eight migrants from the Asian country rescued, the Attorney General's Office said.

Emilio, Jose Eduardo, Jorge, Maria del Rocio and Lorena Segura Salazar were arrested last month in the Mexico City area.

A tip was received on Dec. 7 and the five suspects were detained within 10 days, the head of the Siedo organized crime unit of the AG's office, Jose Cuitlahuac Salinas Martinez, said.

The ring charged people about $50,000, including transportation and food, to get them from India into the United States via Mexico.

Between 15 and 20 people a month had been smuggled into the United States since early 2011, generating about $10.5 million for the gang, Salinas said.

The gang's female members were responsible for feeding the immigrants, while the men provided transportation.

Police searched several buildings, including one in the southern part of Mexico City, where the Segura Salazar family members were found.

The Segura Salazars were housing eight people from India, Salinas said.

Investigators gathered a variety of evidence, including a notebook used by the gang to keep track of the operation.

The Segura Salazars appeared in court on Dec. 17 and were ordered to face trial six days later on people trafficking charges.

Migrants from India traveled to Mexico via several countries, such as Luxembourg, Brazil, Peru, Nicaragua and El Salvador, Salinas said.

The Indians were moved through several cities in Mexico and then to the capital, from which they were taken to the northern region of the country and then to the United States.

The smuggling operation was based in Mexico City and investigators are trying to identify the transit cities and other members of the gang, Salinas said.

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