Among the 760 new laws taking effect in California in 2012 are several likely to benefit the state's large, mainly Hispanic immigrant population.

As well as the highly promoted authorization for undocumented college students to receive privately funded scholarships, Law AB 844 allows undocumented students who have a place on the student body government of a public university to receive the corresponding payment and related expenses.

Another measure that benefits undocumented students is AB 176, which authorizes them to present unofficial identification when taking college entrance tests, such as the SAT.

Law AB 207 allows parents to present different types of identification to prove their children's residency in the state in order to register them in schools.

The documents used as proof of residency in the school district can be, but are not limited to, property tax receipts, rental contracts or payment receipts, salary payments, voter registration and more.

Another law benefiting the immigrant community, AB 1236, bars state agencies and local governments from passing laws that require the use of the federal database E-Verify, which seeks to determine if a person is legally authorized to work in the country.

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