Four members of Colombia's Los Rastrojos paramilitary group were apprehended in the western border state of Tachira, Venezuela's official AVN news agency said Friday.

The Colombians were captured Thursday by personnel from the Sebin intelligence service taking part in an operation to track down paramilitaries from the neighboring country known to be operating in Tachira.

The suspects were wanted on charges of drug trafficking, murder-for-hire, armed robbery and cattle rustling in Tachira, according to AVN, which said the Sebin agents confiscated two guns, a military uniform, a motorcycle and 300 grams of illegal drugs.

Los Rastrojos is one of the "criminal bands" - to use Bogota's term - that emerged from the remnants of the AUC rightist militia federation, which demobilized as part of a peace process with the Colombian government.

The commander of another AUC offspring, the Aguilas Negras gang, was apprehended in January in the northwestern Venezuelan city of Maracaibo and extradited to Colombia to face multiple murder charges.