Virginia state authorities said Friday that bullets from the same gun killed a Virginia Tech campus police officer who was gunned down by an assailant, and another man found dead shortly afterwards near the university.

Forensic and ballistic exams later determined that the second fatality was the man who had killed the police officer, ran away and later shot himself, according to Virginia state police.

Yesterday just before noon, campus police officer Deriek Crouse stopped a vehicle for an apparent traffic violation.

According to witnesses, another person not involved in the case walked up to Crouse, 39, and shot him.

The incident immediately caused alarm all over campus, which covers more than 11 sq. kilometers (nearly 5 sq. miles), where in April 2007 a student killed 32 people and then committed suicide.

University authorities recommended that teachers, students and employees lock themselves in the buildings while college, municipal and state police dispatched officers to track down the shooter.

About an hour later the second man was found shot dead in a parking lot - it was the cop killer, who had been spotted by a sheriff's deputy and committed suicide rather than be nabbed.