Puerto Rico Gov. Luis Fortuño denied having any interest in seeking office in the mainland United States, reacting to a column in the Wall Street Journal that proposed him as a possible Republican vice presidential candidate.

"I made it clear on countless occasions that I have no interest in any other position but that of governor, so I can finish straightening out Puerto Rico," the governor said in a brief communique.

Fortuño's comments came in response to a piece in Tuesday's Wall Street Journal in which columnist William McGurn suggests the governor would be a good choice for the GOP vice-presidential nomination.

"I'm not interested, I don't even think about things like that," the communique released by the governor's office said.

Puerto Rico's main opposition PPD party complained recently about Fortuño's constant trips to the U.S. mainland to help the Republican Party.

The PPD says Fortuño is committed to spreading the GOP message to the Hispanic community in states like Florida, Pennsylvania and North Carolina.

Fortuño announced several weeks ago his intention to run for a second term as governor under the banner of the PNP, which favors U.S. statehood for Puerto Rico.

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