The attorneys general of Mexico and Chile signed a cooperation agreement to bolster efforts to fight transnational criminal organizations, the Mexican Attorney General's Office said.

The agreement, which was signed by Mexican Attorney General Marisela Morales and Chilean Attorney General Sabas Chahuan Sarras, expands the exchange of intelligence and promotes the training of prosecutors and forensic specialists.

Morales and her Chilean counterpart also opened the way for the expanded training of administrative personnel and other officials, who will be able to share experiences and learn best practices, "with strict respect for the autonomy of both institutions," the AG's office said.

National Criminal Justice Institute, or INACIPE, personnel will be trained in the area of oral arguments "given that Chile has experience in this area since it was the first Latin American country to adopt these types of practices," the AG's office said.

Officials discussed the need to coordinate efforts to fight transnational criminal organizations.

Mexico and Chile agreed to fight drug trafficking and related crimes under a policy of "shared responsibility," the AG's office said.

The Chilean AG discussed the work being done by the National Center for Planning, Analysis and Intelligence to Fight Crime, or CENAPI, in gathering and analyzing intelligence.

Morales, for her part, said the cooperation agreement would make it more difficult for criminal organizations to operate.