U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement announced Wednesday the discovery of a new "narco-tunnel" in this Arizona border city.

Kevin Kelly, special ICE agent in charge of the investigation in Nogales, told Efe that the underground passage was found leading into Mexico from a rented house less than two miles west of the Dennis DeConcini Port of Entry.

He said that the drug tunnel was used to smuggle marijuana into the United States.

ICE agents executed a search warrant on the property on Tuesday and discovered the tunnel hidden under the house.

U.S. Border Patrol agents and Mexican authorities followed the tunnel and found that it was approximately 70 feet long and terminated in Mexico.

The tunnel was approximately three feet wide and two feet high, but it did not follow a straight line, given that some portions were at a greater depth than others and it was in the shape of a 90-degree curve.

The tunnel ends in the sewer system running underneath Nogales, Mexico.

Kelly said that authorities suspect that the drug was smuggled through the tunnel and then loaded into cars that had been parked in front of the house.