Authorities in the southern Mexican state of Guerrero fired the warden of a prison where a search uncovered 100 fighting cocks, 19 prostitutes and two bales of marijuana.

Carlos Coronel Avitia will be replaced as warden by Miguel Angel Orihuela, currently deputy head of the Guerrero corrections department, state government spokesman Arturo Martinez Nuñez said.

Four of Coronel's aides were suspended pending completion of an investigation, Martinez said.

The prostitutes and contraband were found Sunday night when a contingent of nearly 500 police and soldiers went to the prison in the resort city of Acapulco to transfer 60 inmates to a maximum-security facility.

Besides removing the women, drugs and fighting cocks, authorities seized three handguns, 160 televisions, 34 sound systems, 19 cell phones and 63 DVD players, among other items.

The units sent to the prison are part of the federal government's "Operation Safe Guerrero," which is designed to weaken the criminal organizations that operate in the state, one of those battered in recent months by drug-related violence.