A fire destroyed about 80 dwellings over the weekend in a shantytown in the western section of Sao Paulo, Brazil's largest city, leaving nearly 1,000 people homeless, the fire department said, adding that no one was killed.

The blaze, whose cause has not been determined, started Saturday night and was not brought under control until early the next morning.

The fire completely destroyed 80 of the nearly 200 dwellings erected in a 5,000 sq. meter (1.2 acre) area known as the Diogo Pires "favela," or shantytown, in the Jaguare district.

Two people were transported to hospitals for treatment of minor burns and smoke inhalation, the Sao Paulo fire department said.

Many of the shantytown residents who lost their dwellings moved in with relatives and friends temporarily, while others went to shelters set up by the city.

The fire department sent 90 firefighters and 29 trucks to fight the blaze, which was not brought under control until 3:30 a.m. on Sunday, officials said.