Five members of the same family - three adults and two minors - were killed when a group of gunmen opened fire on their SUV in the northwestern Mexican state of Sinaloa, officials said.

The attack occurred Wednesday night in the hamlet of La Tebaira, located in the rural highland municipality of Rosario, local police spokesmen told Efe.

The victims were identified as Lidia Gonzalez Lizarraga, 36; her children, Rosalin Barron Gonzalez, 15, and Eduardo Barron Gonzalez, 7; her sister, Patricia Gonzalez Lizarraga, 28; and her boyfriend, Roque Garcia Lugo, 37.

The bodies of the minors were found inside the SUV, while the corpses of the sisters and the man were discovered a few meters (yards) from the vehicle.

Police investigators, who recovered more than 60 AK-47 shell casings at the scene, said they have not identified a potential motive for the multiple homicide.

Numerous violent crimes has been committed in recent years in the Sinaloa highlands, which have a strong organized crime presence.

Elsewhere, the bodies of four people were dumped Thursday on streets in the tourist zone of Veracruz-Boca del Rio, a Gulf coast metropolitan area that has seen a recent surge in organized crime-related violence.

This latest episode of violence brings the number of people killed by suspected drug cartel gunmen to 11 this week and more than 150 in two months in that metro area, located about 400 kilometers (250 miles) east of Mexico City.

Two bodies were found in the San Julian neighborhood, one in El Paraiso and the fourth in the Rio Medio district, the Veracruz state government said.

In Rio Medio, military personnel seized weapons intended for the exclusive use of the Mexican army, although authorities did not indicate the number or type of guns.

The four bodies bore signs of torture and the victims' feet and hands had been bound, authorities said.

The Gulf state of Veracruz has been racked by a vicious turf war pitting four cartels fighting for control of drug- and migrant-smuggling routes.

In the most brazen incident, a group of hit men dumped 35 bodies under a busy overpass in Boca del Rio on Sept. 20.

In yet another part of Mexico, the bodies of four men were dumped Thursday alongside a taxi in Acapulco, a domestic tourist resort in the southern state of Guerrero.

The state's Public Safety Secretariat said in a statement that the four victims had been tortured before they were shot multiple times.

Several officers had been dispatched to the Santa Cruz neighborhood, on the outskirts of Acapulco, after an anonymous caller reported that a series of gunshots had been fired in that zone, the municipal police said.

When they arrived, the police found numerous spent .38-caliber shell casings in addition to the bodies.

Authorities said they have not determined a possible motive but that the crime could have been the work of organized crime.

Federal forces, including military personnel, and state police have been patrolling the Acapulco tourist zone for the past month as part of the "Safe Guerrero" operation, which is similar to other initiatives being carried out in the Gulf coast state of Veracruz and the lake region that straddles the northern states of Durango and Coahuila.

Drug-war violence has claimed nearly 50,000 lives across Mexico since December 2006, when President Felipe Calderon took office and militarized the struggle against the cartels.