A Colombian lingerie model was convicted Wednesday of trying to ship cocaine to Europe in her suitcases.

Angie Sanclemente Valencia, 31, was sentenced to more than six years in jail, AFP reported.

The former beauty queen and model tried to smuggle cocaine to Europe in late 2009 via Mexico. She was arrested in Buenos Aires in May 2010 after months on the run from police.

Valencia was suspected of being a key figure in an international operation that uses models as drug mules to move suitcases loaded with cocaine out of Buenos Aires airport.

God knows I did it for love.

- Angie Sanclemente Valencia

Her attorney German Delgado said he would appeal the conviction. He insisted there was no proof, declaring that Sanclemente should be acquitted as she had no criminal record.

Nicolas Gualco, her boyfriend, was also sentenced to six years and eight months for his role in the same plot.

Valencia -- a beauty queen turned model and actress -- claimed during the trial that she traveled to Argentina to marry Gualco and was not involved in the drug trade, according to Sky News.

She told the court, "I did not come here to commit crimes, I am not a narco-trafficker."

She said all she had done for her boyfriend was "make a few calls," saying, "God knows I did it for love."

Another man, Venezuelan Gustavo Paez Arneses, was sentenced to six years and two months for his role in the trafficking attempt, the court's information center said.

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