The reputed leader of the Centro drug cartel and 11 of his associates were arrested in the central Mexican town of Tecamac after a months-long investigation, authorities said Wednesday.

Adrian Ramirez Soria and the other suspects were presented to the media by the attorney general of Mexico state, Alfredo del Castillo, who said the arrests likely dealt a fatal blow to the cartel.

He told Radio Formula the Centro cartel was a remnant of the drug trafficking organization founded by the Beltran Leyva brothers, a once-powerful syndicate that has been effectively dismantled following the death or arrests of its top leaders in recent years.

Ramirez Soria's group has been battling La Mano con Ojos (The Hand with Eyes) gang for control of the drug trade in Mexico state, the attorney general said.

The arrests of Ramirez Soria and his men followed "eight months of investigative work" that included collecting information on the kingpin's movements and monitoring his contact in the state, Del Castillo said.

He predicted the apprehension of the Centro cartel boss would lead to a reduction in violence in the areas of Mexico state surrounding Greater Mexico City.