A peasant woman lived for a month with the unburied body of her dead husband at their home in the countryside near Garzón, a city in Colombia's Huila province, because he told her before dying that "he was going to resuscitate," the press reported.

Lucio Chacue, the deceased husband, asked his wife to do as he wished and keep his body hidden in the house because he "would be coming back to life," the La Nación newspaper said.

His wife Alba Yacue respected his wish and lived 30 days with the body of her dead spouse.

The couple lived in the La Umbria district where Lucio Chacue died a month ago from unknown causes.

"Neighbors kept asking each other in a low voice what had become of the dead body, but nobody had an answer. Not even the wife," the newspaper said.

Neighbors tipped off army soldiers, who reported the case to the Attorney General's Office, which sent agents to the Chacue Yacue home and found the 61-year-old man's corpse in the couple's bedroom.

"What remained of his body a month after his death was wrapped in a sheet. It was in an advanced state of decomposition and emitted a horrendous smell that Alba Yacue endured hoping for the resurrection of her companion, as he had promised while still alive," La Nación said.

"In more than 40 years as a funeral director I have never seen anything like this. It left us dumbfounded," Evangelista Ome of La Paz Funeral Home said.

Yacue asked that the body be prepared for burial but that it be returned to her, still believing she could lay it to rest in the patio of her home.

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