The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, in collaboration with the postal service and the Puerto Rico Police Department, dismantled Tuesday a drug ring that was bringing marijuana to the Caribbean island.

The head of the DEA's Caribbean Division, Javier Peña, told media Tuesday that up to now 17 people have been nabbed in the Puerto Rican cities of Canovanas, Carolina, Loiza and San Juan.

Peña said that the traffickers, members, he said, of an extremely powerful organized crime group, were using the U.S. mail to smuggle marijuana into Puerto Rico.

The official said that the operation was carried out simultaneously in San Diego, Los Angeles and Mexico, where at this time several members of the organization are being taken into custody.

The 21-year-old son of Canovanas Mayor Jose Chemo Soto, one of the most popular on the Caribbean island, was among those detained during the DEA operation.

The mayor said he will not come to the aid of his son Christian and stressed how angry he is at the conduct of the young man, who had hoped to become a lawmaker for the New Progressive Party, or PNP, in which his father is also active.

The detainees are charged with distributing the marijuana they received by U.S. mail from the United States.