The death toll in last week's air show accident in Reno, Nevada, rose to 10 after the death of another seriously injured victim, the Law Vegas Sun reported Monday.

The spokeswoman at Saint Mary's Regional Medical Center, Jamii Uboldi, informed the media that the patient who had died was a man but she refused to provide his name, age or the city of his residence.

Last Friday, a World War II-era fighter plane crashed into a grandstand full of spectators who had come to see the National Championship Air Races and Air Show, held every September in Reno.

The crash happened without warning and very quickly, giving the audience virtually no time to react before the plane plowed into the stands at high speed, killing seven people outright and injuring dozens more.

The pilot of the P-51 Mustang, Jimmy Leeward, died on impact along with six spectators, and two other people died a few hours later at a nearby hospital.

The accident is not the first to occur at U.S. air shows in recent years, but it is the first to involve spectators at the Reno competition, which in the 47 years since its founding has become quite well-known among air racing fans.

All further exhibitions and competitions at this year's Reno show were cancelled after the tragedy.