Three people were killed when a helicopter crashed Monday outside Granada, a city in southern Spain, officials said.

The victims have not been identified, but the Civil Guard and the Emergency Coordination Center confirmed that the bodies of all the victims had been removed from the crash site.

The cause of the accident, which occurred at a place known as Las Zorreras-La Gitana, has not been determined, emergency services officials told Efe.

The Civil Guard, fire department and local police responded to the crash of the helicopter, which burned.

The Bell 412 helicopter belonged to a company that sometimes works to put out fires, but the aircraft was not taking part in any operation at the time of the crash.

The helicopter was flying from Palma del Rio, Cordoba, where its owner is based, to a firefighting base in Alhama de Almeria.

The Bell 412 was supposed to temporarily take the place of another helicopter that is undergoing a mechanical inspection.