Hundreds of journalists and media industry workers took to the streets of Mexico City over the weekend to demand that officials clear up the recent killings of two female reporters and punish those responsible for attacks on journalists.

The protesters marched on Sunday to the Attorney General's Office and Government Secretariat, carrying signs and banners that called for justice.

More than 500 media industry workers, human rights activists and their supporters marched down the Paseo de la Reforma and through the surrounding area in the capital.

"Investigations of all the murders" of journalists should be carried out, Contralinea magazine editor Miguel Badillo told Efe, adding that "102 [murders] have occurred during the 11 years of administrations" from the National Action Party, or PAN.

Rocio Gonzalez Trapaga - who worked for several years for Televisa, Mexico's leading TV broadcaster - and Contralinea's Marcela Yarce Viveros disappeared on Aug. 31 and their bodies were found a day later in a park in the Mexico City borough of Iztapalapa.

"We have asked for security measures for those working" in journalism and got a commitment to contact journalists in all of Mexico's states to create an agenda that allows effective protection measures in this country," Badillo said.

"It's not a problem in the Federal District, it's national," Badillo said.

No progress has been made in determining who was behind the killings of Yarce Viveros and Gonzalez Trapaga, the editor said.

Investigators are looking at robbery, the women's professional work and personal relationships as possible motives for the killings.

The investigation is also looking at the work the two women did for a real estate magazine published for the AMPI real estate professionals association.

Journalists have increasingly been targeted in recent years by drug traffickers and other organized crime groups, especially in northern Mexico.

Media members must also contend with long-running abuse at the hands of federal, state and local officials.

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