Two prominent Cuban dissidents arrested three days ago when they were preparing a march "for freedom" were released Monday without any charges being filed against them, the two men told Efe.

Contacted by telephone in Palma Soriano, some 900 kilometers (558 miles) east of Havana, Jose Daniel Ferrer and Angel Moya told Efe that at 6:00 a.m. they left the jails where they had been held in Boniato and Santiago de Cuba, respectively.

Moya said that 18 other people who were arrested with them for trying to participate in the march had already been released, although Ferrer added that five people remained under arrest in Santiago at the time he was set free.

"They threatened me with accusing me of alleged disorderly conduct on a public street," said Moya, who added that in the end the authorities did not file any charges against him.

The two dissidents and their followers had intended to stage a march they had dubbed the "Boitel-Zapata Vive national march" to recall two deceased opposition members but police arrested them last Friday.

"This is the first long arrest of more than 72 hours that we've experienced," said Ferrer.

Moya and Ferrer were among the "Group of 75" dissidents sentenced to long prison terms in the crackdown of March 2003 and released during the last 15 months as part of a Spanish-backed dialogue between the Cuban government and the island's Catholic hierarchy.