A member of ousted President Mel Zelaya's National Popular Resistance Front, or FNRP, was slain in the northern Honduran province of Cortes, Radio Uno director Arnulfo Aguilar said Thursday.

Medardo Flores, a farmer and rancher who helped manage the FNRP's finances, was ambushed in the Rio Blanquito area while driving home Thursday night, Aguilar told Radio Globo in Tegucigalpa.

He said Flores had been forced into exile in the 1980s, but later returned to Honduras, bought land and devoted himself to agriculture.

Zelaya, overthrown in a June 2009 coup, called Flores' family to offer his condolences, Aguilar said.

Flores' murder came hours after Zelaya and hundreds of his supporters gathered for the funeral of another FNRP member, Mahadeo Sadloo, who was gunned down this week in Tegucigalpa.

Scores of activists have been killed in Honduras in the 27 months since the June 2009 putsch.