Police in Mexico City rescued a 21-year-old woman and five children who had been held captive by a man who allegedly killed two children in 2009, District Attorney Miguel Angel Mancera said.

Jorge Antonio Iniestra Salas was arrested on kidnapping, murder, domestic violence, labor exploitation and sexual exploitation charges, Mancera said.

The 32-year-old Iniestra Salas was arrested in the poor Iztapalapa section of the capital along with five other relatives, including his mother, three brothers and a 14-year-old nephew, all of whom also face charges in the case, the prosecutor said.

Police rescued five minors, including a 3-month-old baby who had to be hospitalized for treatment of severe blows to the head from Iniestra Salas, Mancera said.

Iniestra Salas had a relationship with Clara Tapia, 44, who was the mother of two daughters and a son, the prosecutor said.

The suspect allegedly raped the two girls and forced all three children to work collecting cardboard and selling candy on the streets, Mancera said.

The children were subjected to punishment so harsh that it was tantamount to torture, the prosecutor said.

Five children were born to the two girls who Iniestra Salas raped, Mancera said.

Iniestra Salas allegedly killed one of the girls and a 3-month-old baby two years ago.

The other girl, now 21, was rescued by police along with the five children.

Tapia turned in Iniestra Salas to police, but she waited two years before doing so, Mancera said.