A judge has ordered Mexican singer Paulina Rubio to face trial in Miami in September on charges related to a traffic accident here on June 25.

Rubio was charged by U.S. authorities with obstruction of justice, disorderly conduct and refusal to obey a lawful command, Teresita Chavez, spokeswoman for the state AG's office in Miami-Dade county, told Efe.

Judge Steven Leifman set the trial date for Sept. 14 at a court hearing in Miami, at which the singer did not appear.

"This morning there was a hearing and the case was scheduled for trial in September, but perhaps some kind of negotiation can take place between now and then because the charges against her are minor infractions and she has no criminal record," the spokeswoman said.

The charges of obstruction of justice and disorderly conduct are infractions penalized with a maximum of 60 days in jail or the accused is ordered to take part in special programs, Chavez said.

"But that will not occur because the lady has no criminal record and I know that something can be arranged in her case," she said.

The third charge, refusal to obey a lawful command, is more serious, though it is a minor crime and carries a maximum sentence of 364 days in prison.

Rubio got into an argument with police after crashing her BMW on a street in Miami's Little Havana district.

When the cops arrived they asked her to move away from the accident to a safe place and show them her documents.

The artist looked for her documents, but did not follow police instructions to get out of her car and made several calls on her cell phone, the authorities said.

The singer was arrested and handcuffed after she had been told several times to do as police ordered.

The agents freed her an hour later after Rubio told them she had to breastfeed her 6-month-old boy.