The Peruvian Supreme Court confirmed the sentence of seven years and six months behind bars for former President Alberto Fujimori on charges of paying $15 million in state funds to his adviser and former intelligence service chief Vladimiro Montesinos out of gratitude for services he provided, according to a press report Tuesday.

The high court's decision thus rejected the request to nullify the original verdict presented by Fujimori's defense team, a verdict handed down in July 2009.

The court confirmed the sentence for embezzlement, for which the former Peruvian leader must pay a fine of 3 million soles ($1.09 million) along with three of his former government ministers.

The Supreme Court's ruling comes in addition to the confirmation it already delivered in two of Fujimori's other convictions: one a six-year sentence for bribery and the other of 25 years in prison for two massacres and two kidnappings carried out by the Grupo Colina death squad.

Although all the sentences have been reconfirmed, the habeas corpus motion presented before the Constitutional Court remains pending, a motion that seeks to overturn the 25-year sentence.

After postponing it on several occasions, the Constitutional Court set Aug. 4 as the date for the public hearing on the habeas corpus matter.

Under Peruvian law all the sentences must run concurrently.