A city councilor and mayoral hopeful from a town in southwestern Colombia were freed after being kidnapped for six days by leftist guerrillas.

The interim governor of Nariño province, Fabio Trujillo, informed Efe that Dagoberto Ojeda and Ferney Satizabal were free and undergoing medical exams.

Trujillo offered no further details about where they were released nor whether they were let go in exchange for ransom or were rescued by security forces.

For his part, the commander of Colombia's Pacific fleet, Rear Adm. Hernando Wills, told reporters that the "release has been confirmed" of both Ojeda, a city councilor in Francisco Pizarro, and of Satizabal, who is running for mayor in the same town.

The two politicians were among 20 people abducted July 12 while traveling in two boats on the Bay of Tumaco. The other 18 captives were released the next day.

Those 18 people told authorities that the kidnappers identified themselves as members of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, the Andean nation's largest guerrilla group.

The politicians and their associates were on their way from Tumaco to Francisco Pizarro when they were stopped by at least eight armed men in another boat.