A Picasso painting that was stolen three weeks ago in New York has been found in the Hoboken, New Jersey, apartment of a man arrested last week in San Francisco after his theft of a sketch by the Spanish artist, a police official told Efe Friday.

The recovered painting is a 1933 work, "Sculpteur et Deux Tetes," valued at $350,000, which was robbed June 27 from an art gallery in New York's SoHo district.

Police agents from New York and Hoboken found 10 other works of art in Lugo's home that had been stolen between June 6 and July 1 from various galleries and hotels in New York, worth some $500,000 in all.

Police obtained a search warrant for Lugo's home after he was detained last week in San Francisco accused of stealing "Tete de Femme," a 1965 sketch by Picasso that was on view at the Weinstein Gallery.

San Francisco authorities recovered undamaged the work of art that has a sales price of over $200,000 and which Lugo was apparently going to sell to an unidentified person.

The accused, who pleads not guilty and remains in custody in San Francisco awaiting trial, was visiting some friends in Napa Valley when agents nabbed him and seized the drawing.